Mythodical Irish Setters

Raising and Breeding Irish Setters with the Dual dog a priority

DC Mythodical's  Fiona of Dualuc
 Russell's Joseph's Journey  x  Can CH Mythodical Russells Reba 

23rd Dual champion in the history of the breed!

April 14 2009 - Aug 13 2016

She was my Dream dog and word can not express what I feel for this Girl or the loss.
 DC AFC Mythodical's Runnymeade Rip JH
  FC /AFC  Runnymeade Karrycourt Rocky JH ROM x   FC  Mythodical's Uncommon Jade  JH ROM   

19th  Dual  Champion in the history of the breed

January 5 2000 - May 21 2014

Rip was Jade's daughter. She was a natural in the field; all she ever wanted to do was point birds. Rip finished her Field Championship at the age of 2 years 10 months.She went out at 13 years and 11 1/2 months old and received her JH just because she still wanted to she was a very special girl. She will always be in our hearts

She took time off to have two litters before going on to finish her Show Championship. Out of those litters she has produced a Canadian Show Champion, three AKC Show Champions, and Junior, Senior and Master Hunters.

In 2001 and 2002 she was ranked in the top 25 Irish in Puppy and Derby.

In 2001 one she was runner-up for the ABDCO Derby Dog of the Year in Ohio, She is a true Dual dog -- prissy and pampered when needed but she can get out there and do whatever she has to to find that bird.

Rip's get:

CH Mythodical's King of Fools MH

CAN CH Mythodical's Russell's Reba

AM/CAN Ch Russell's Mythodical Musashi

Mythodical's One Hot Mama CD RE MH

Ch Mythodical's King of Fools MH     
Mythodical Liam  x  DC/AFC Mythodical's Runnymeade Rip

April 1 2001- April 21 2014

Shoney was one of those special dogs with personality you just could not help but love. His goal in life was to have fun. If he was not a bird dog, he would have been a soccer player, preferably a goalie. He spent hours in the backyard playing soccer with my kids. He loved to hunt as long as you are both having fun and he got to retrieve the bird. Shoney finished his show championship and received his Senior and Master  hunting titles. He was a joy to live with. Run Free Big Guy

Russell's Mythodical GetN Birdy     
AFC/FC  Runnymeade Mythodical Pilot  x  AM DC Can CH  AFTCH  Highfeather Raise 'n A Ruckus CD MH CAN FDX CD VCX

2/15/2005 -2/27/2014

Birdy was my keg of dynamite, she wanted to please you to a fault. She was pointed in both show and field. She was a loving companion and best friend to her owners daughter, Birdie left this world too soon. Run free little one. You are missed.

Can CH Mythodical Russell's Reba ROM ROMV
BISS AM/CAN/INT CH Cairncross Russells Talisman FD  x  DC/AFC  Mythodical's Runnymeade Rip

November 15 2003 - June 12 2012

Reba left us way too early.  She was a amazing mother and great friend. She liked to do thing on her terms even up to the end. She did not let us know she was sick till it was time for her to move on.  She always reminded me of her great-grandmother Jewel the most out of all my dogs. She kept me on my toes because she was constantly trying to out-think me. Reba finished her Canadian Championship in one weekend gave me two great litters of 16 each. She was the most amazing mother -- even helping Birdy with her last litter. She loved birds and butterflies equally. Run fast and free little one.

 Reba's Get:

  FC Mythodical  Russell Hail Gandalf

 Can Ch Mythodical's Russells Hail Storm

 DC Mythodical's Fiona of Dualuc

 CH Mythodical's Ruadhan Seaghdha

 Ch Mythodical's Notorious Rory Camble SH

 International Ch Mythodical's Russell Hailey

 Mythodical LI'L Red Corvette CD JH

 CH Mythodical's Orin of Dualuc

FC Mythodical's Uncommon Jade JH ROM   
Kallyanson's Mythodical Zeus  x  Tobie Lee Mythodical  Jewel

April 9 1995 - November4 2010

Jade was out of our first litter, she was our first Field Champion, the mother of our first Dual Champion and many Field Champions.  She was a class act from the day she was born until the end. Her contributions to the breed will be felt for a long time. Run free little one always loved.

Jade's Get

DC AFC Mythodical's Runnymeade Rip

FC AFC Runnymeade Mythodical Pilot

FC Mythodical Molly

FC Mythodical Marnie

AFC Runnymeade Mythodical Brea

Tobie Lee Mythodical Jewel CD   
CH Wingfield Private Blend  x Tobie Lee We've Only Just Begun

August 2, 1992 to September 29,2006

Jewel was a class act all the way. I would talk to my neighbor about her and she remembered watching her out of their window teaching her children the rules of Jewel's world. She was a firm but loving mother. Jewel was the mother of our first dual pointed field champion FC Mythodical's Uncommon Jade JH ROM and our first show champion CH Mythodical Irish Flanagan. Jewel did not have any fancy titles but she was Queen of our house, babysitter to our kids. She cleaned off the counter in the kitchen when we where not around, just to help out. She would let strangers in but not out. And she would inform you when you where allowed to quit petting her (never!)

Jewel's Get

FC Mythodical Uncommon Jade JH ROM

CH Mythodical's Flanagan

Kallyanson's Mythodical Zeus   
FC/AFC Brophys Mahogany Fielder  x  Karrycourt Mahogany Lace

May 26 1986 - August 22 2002

Zeus was a Great Dog and we learned a lot from him. He was my husband's hunting dog and a baby sitter for my kids, He was a very loving dog. When this picture was taken he was 15 years old and would still go out and point his birds. In his younger days even if you missed the bird he would retrieve it back to you. He was a great hunting dog and a great friend.

Zeus's Get

FC Mythodical's Uncommon Jade JH ROM