Mythodical Irish Setters

Raising and Breeding Irish Setters with the Dual dog a priority

Mythodical's Goddess of the Hunt JH 

Artemis is now living in Massachusetts to be loved and hunted Christine and George Carroll

Mythodical's Runs Like A Sutphen (Finn)


As always I simply can't say enough about "Runs like a Sutphen", or for today's email, Finn. In the field he has only missed one bird, one bird that never should have been planted where it was based on the wind an topography, if he had pointed that bird it would have been miraculous! Very handsome, very sweet checking in at an even 70 lbs on Monday. His manners and his obedience are really wonderful. Voice, hand and or whistle he responds at an A+ level always, a very fast learner and very willing to work. His patience is fabulous and somewhat beyond description. He can sit in the window for hours watching the birds and the squirrels without scratching pawing pushing at the glass, but when we are outside he is on the hunt ALWAYS. In fact his drive and his nose, in spite of all of his other remarkable qualities/traits, truly stand out to me. We go hunting on every walk! And he is good!

I hope to update my pictures on you website soon!
Jason Cheney

Mythodical's Rowen Quinn

Ms. Cassie,

Quinn has been to the field about 5 times now and I think he is progressing along fine we still have a lot of work though. We are having a lot of fun.

Thanks Ms. Cassie.

Thomas Bruce

DC Mythodical's Notorious Rory Camble SH
Russell's Joseph Jourey x Can CH Mythodical Russell's Reba

Rory Lives in Wisconsin and has finished his Show Championship and has points towards his Field Championship. He had a wonderful field season in 2016.

DC Mythodical's Orin of Dualuc
Russell's Joseph's Journey x Can CH Mythodical Russell's Reba

Orin lives in Georgia with his owner Jim Pinkston, and is being field trialed and trained  by Jean Webb. I have shown him, as have professional handlers, and his owner Jim. Orin has finished his Dual Championship to become the 26th dual champion in the breed. He has followed in the footsteps of his sister and his grandmother. We are very proud of this boy.

CH Mythodical's Ruadhan Seaghdha  
Russell's Joseph's Journey  x  Can CH Mythodical Russells Reba

Se was handled to his show championship by Tim Foley and is now working on his senior hunter. He live in Granville, Ohio with his owner, where he is a local celebrity. Equally kind and loving to small children and the elderly, he is always ready to play when the right energetic dog comes along. 

Can Ch Saeterelva's Russell Am JH Can FD  x  Can CH  Mythodical Russell's Reba


Words cannot express what a terrific dog Ruby has been for us. She continues to be spunky and full of life; she demonstrates keen hunter instincts (and that is always fun to watch); she has been highly trainable; and yet, is the most affectionate companion that anyone could ask for. You are truly an artist when it comes to breeding setters.

Thank you for the photo with Santa. Have a Blessed Christmas Season.

Mythodical's Fire Fighter CDX (Brayden)
 FC AFC Mythodical Russell Hail Gandalf  x Russells Mythodical GetN Birdy

Dear Cassie,

Thank  you for raising excellent quality Irish Setters. They are beautiful, smart, attentive, socialized, spirited and loving.

Your program and caring family develop pups that are potty & crate trained with great confidence and social interaction. Brayden is a loving, family member, "talkative" with great hunting instincts, physical strength and agility. Brayden has adjusted to his new home, quite well. I am sure his litter mates did likewise.

You really know how to match pups to people. We have the male, mahogany,beautiful, smart,attentive puppy that we wished for. Brayden enjoys his new home, yard and family. At 19 weeks he understands all of the commands for his CD, except for stand for exam. That being said, now we are working on reliability and distraction. Only working him about 5 minutes twice a day. We will be starting formal Obedience Training on the 17th of October. Along with that he finds hidden treats and enjoys his many toys with lots of play and attention.

As of today when he went for his Rabies shot he weighed in at 36.4 pounds and I think he is doing quite well.

Our little Brayden is so blest to have come from Mythodical's Irish Setters, and  so are we. We cherish him. He has brought much joy and laughter and a side bar majors in cuteness. Thank you once again for our frisky, talkative bundle of joy.

Ed & Eileen

Hi Cassie,

I was just thinking ... We picked Brayden up four years ago today. It has been a great four years and both Brayden and myself have done a lot in that time.

I am continuing with our training for UD which I'm hoping to be entering some shows after the beginning of the year. I believe he has all the basics for utility dog down. It's just fine tuning the exercises. I find the most amazing exercise that we do its scent discrimination for both metal and leather articles. The amazing part, in my estimation
Is he teaches it to himself.

Well I have to get going, we I get some recent pictures I will send them along.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Ed Sullivan

FC AFC Mythodical Russell's Hail Gandalf x Russell's Mythodical GetN Birdy 

Hi Cassie,

Draco has finished his individual lessons with his trainer with proficiencies in heel, sit, stay,manners, etc, and has graduated to group lessons (same trainer) with
a diverse groups dogs of all breeds. A quick learner and adapter, Draco is at the top of his class, and is really good at heeling around courses. He gets along very well with the other dogs.

We have visited Hillendale Hunt Club several times to work with pheasants and chuckers. Draco has shown a tremendous desire to find birds, an excellent nose, and a nice point.

We are currently working on Whoa and quartering with a whistle. So far he seems a natural as far as ranging. At times exuberance must be controlled, but he is progressing well.

It was interesting to read about Ricky, the therapy dog. Draco is very gentle with children. He can be running helter skelter at play, but if we encounter a toddler, he immediately becomes calm and sits. Mothers ask if he can be petted which he loves.

He still has his overly enthusiastic moments which necessitate reigning him in and refocusing.

At Hillendale last week, Draco had several good points as well as one on a rooster that he held rock steady for a good minute until I walked over and flushed the bird.

As you can tell, we think quite highly of Draco. He is a great addition to our family. We thank you for matching us up!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and video.

Best regards, Bob

Can CH Mythodical's Russells Hail Storm  
Can Ch Saeterelva's Russell Am  JH Can FD  x  Can CH Mythodical Russell's Reba

Goose live in British Columbia andhas turn into a fine hunting companion for the Salandini family, who hunt upland game and water fowl. Goose has points in canadian field trial as wall as passes for his field dog junior. He is working on his feild dog senior stakes now.   

Mythodical Athena
Rogan the Red X DC Mythodical's Fiona of Dualuc

today was a good day. went to state game lands. Pretty mean country.
Pic, 790 1st point on a woodcock
Pic 792 I flushed the woodcock, it flew over her head and she held
Pic 801 point on a pheasant
I told you every dog I have owned, when I put them on Woodcock it
intensifies the dog. She had gotten more "birdy" hunts harder every time
I take her out. I am a firm believer the more wild birds they are shown,
the better they become.
Had 3 points on pheasants today with flushes and shot the blank gun.
These birds are wild. Each point is more intense. I am hoping the next
step is wild grouse. Hope we don't run out of time til fall.
We are only at 11 months but I feel this dog is going to be a good one.
We are only missing the retrieve.